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JLF - Jewish Learning Fellowship

In 10 weeks you could:

  • See and discuss intriguing, multi-faceted Jewish texts in a non-coercive, conversation-based environment around topics that matter to you

  • Make a whole slew of new Jewish friends 

  • Enjoy time with Rabbi G

  • Share Shabbat meals

  • Get a stronger sense of what it's like to live the Jewish calendar

  • Earn a $300 Amazon gift card

Jewish texts around topics that matter to you. The wisdom found in Jewish texts, both ancient and contemporary, can be surprising, complicated, delightful, weird, mysterious, perplexing, and fun. We’ll read these texts broadly and generously in JLF, and we'll count on fellows adding their unique voices and perspectives into our conversations. Topics like:

  • What is the difference between a community, a group of friends and a social network?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities of a deep friendship? 

  • How do we disagree? How do we engage conflict? 

  • Can we imagine a post-modern sexual ethic that is at once deeply rooted in Jewish law and tradition, but innovative and capacious enough to encompass the different configurations of sexuality in our lives?

Make a whole slew of new Jewish friends: Let’s be real: Jewish life doesn’t happen by yourself in your dorm room or apartment. It happens with other people. We want you to feel like you have a bigger Jewish social network at the end of JLF.

Enjoy time with Rabbi G:

  • “Priceless!” - the New York Times

  • “A treat!” - the Washington Post

So if you are a rising Senior, are looking for an introduction to Jewish thought on topics that matter to you, are thirsty to learn and are open to knowing more Jews, go ahead and apply. No previous Jewish background necessary.

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