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Scholarship Funds

MIT Hillel designates a budget each year to provide scholarships for students who wish to participate in

  • Jewish social justice (examples: Alternative Breaks, Hazon Food Conference)
  • Jewish learning (examples: Limmud, Eser, Me'ah, Nehirim Queer Student Retreat, Jews in the Woods Retreat)
  • Israel advocacy (examples: AIPAC, J-Street)
  • Leadership development opportunities (examples: Challah for Hunger training)

For questions or to apply, send a brief description of the program to, along with why it will be valuable to you, and how it will positively add to the Jewish community on campus. Applications will only be accepted in advance of the conference or opportunity.


Scholarship funds will be processed upon submission of a written reflection after the experience, including what the student personally gained.

Up to one scholarship per student per semester is available.

Click here to apply for the MIT Hillel Scholarship Funds.

Click here to submit the MIT Hillel Scholarship Funds Reflection & Reimbursement Form.

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