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What time should classes be?

Hello everyone. I’m setting times for various Jewish classes for the semester, and now is you chance to chime in on when you want them to be. Below are class descriptions with doodle polls for each one. Whatever class(es) you’re interested in - follow the link. Looking forward to a great semester of learning with and from each other.

Crossroadses - Choices We Make - this class is using some classic stories as launching-off points for discussing important choices people like us have to make - like, hoe much should I care what other people think? How much do I compromise what I need for what others need? If I may say so, this class is gonna be really good. Here’s the link

Parsha - looking at the weekly Torah reading, with a mind toward understanding the stories on a more mature level. Here’s the link.  

Timely Topix - a few ideas came out yesterday that I don’t think I could teach on for a semester, but shorter blocks would be really useful. These will include - forgiveness/repentance, artificial intelligence and Jewish law, development of jewish law, who’s who of the rabbis, some practical halacha issues, and the like. Here’s the link!

Love and Joy - at the end, it came out that it might be enjoyable to learn some Jewish views on love and joy -what they are, how to get them, how to keep them. Here’s the link

A special, 3-part class with the esteemed Professor Jeremy England. He’s been doing some incredible work on the origins of life. He’ll be offering a class called "God is Smarter than You Are: True things we can know that science can't teach us.” The link is here

Talmud - Avodah Zarah - This is an intermediate + class - some level of familiarity with learning talmud. The tractate AZ is about idol worship, but its really about how jews survive in exile. Here’s the doodle.

Talmud - Sanhedrin - as above. This tractate is about how justice is served in the Jewish system. Deals with things like courts, death penalty, and other sundries. Here’s the doodle.

And, lastly, there was a suggestion about learning about fringe Jewish groups - Keraites, Jews for Jesus (l’havdil), Gerers, Carlebachers, and the like. This could be really fun. Here’s the link


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