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Latke vs Hamentaschen: The Great Debate 2016


An annual MIT tradition since 2003 and an occasional tradition before that, each team of prominent scholars presents an argument in favor of their respective food. Following the debate, votes are cast, ballots are counted, and the champion is crowned. Don't miss this exciting debate between the fruit-filled cookie known as the hamentasch and the fried potato pancake otherwise known as the latke! Free latkes and hamentashen are served following the debate. If you'd like to do your own research to prepare for the debate, please visit Wikipedia for more latke or hamentash information.

The 2016 debate teams

Moderator: Bob Ferrara '67, Division of Student Life 

Team Latke:

Aram Harrow  (Course 8)

Chris Capozzola (Course 21H)

Stephen Van Evera (Course 17)


Team Hamentaschen:

Ina Lipkowitz (Course 21L)

David Vogan (Course 18)

Lionel Kimerling (Course 3)

Click here for the video


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