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Below is the schedule for 2019

Passover is coming up! Friday April 19 is the first night. We are hosting two Seders on April 19 and April 20. 

Seder Meals

Fill out this Seder RSVP form by Monday April 15. Please fill out the survey on time - we want to be prepared for actual numbers of attendees.

We want to make sure that everyone who wants one has a Seder to attend, and also that everyone who wants can have Kosher-for-Passover food throughout the holiday. Filling out this form is the best way to ensure that your Passover needs are met.

Would you like to attend the 1st night Seder on Friday April 19th in W20? 

Hillel is covering the cost of Seders for MIT students so that "all who are hungry may come and eat."  Seders are full-participation and intended for the MIT student community.  We are not designing content or timing for young families or children, particularly those younger than high school age.

7:15pm, $25 for non MIT guests, exact location will be emailed the week of.

Would you like to attend a 2nd night Seder on Saturday, April 20th? ​

2nd Night GradHillel Seder: There are a few spots left if you haven't RSVP'd yet and would like to join the Grad community. Undergraduate students aged 21+ are welcome to attend. This is also subsidized and free for MIT students and significant others. If you have a parent, sibling, friend from another school visiting or some other non MIT guest, the cost of the meal in W20 is $25 and must be paid with your pre-loaded TechCash.

Undergraduates looking to be matched with a second night seder should indicate so on the Pesach meals registration form.

Non-Seder Meals​

No Reservation necessary. Kosher-for-Passover lunches and dinners will be available from April 20th-27th. ALL LUNCHES COST $11.25 AND ALL DINNERS COST $14. Meal plan swipes will be counted, otherwise TechCash must be preloaded (you must have TechCash, it cannot be billed later). Meals will be held in various rooms in W11 (mostly the Main Dining Room) and are only for students.

Just so you know, matzah should be available in all dining halls. Ask dining hall staff for it if you don't see it. 

Home Hospitality: Hillel has connection to alumni in the area who would be happy to have a current student join them. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can find someone to pair you up with! Email

Payment Protocol Key: * Bon Appetit Staff takes down TechCash numbers, ^Free for MIT students, all other meals students pay for with Bon Appetit staff in W11 (via TechCash or Cash)

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Chag Sameach!

MIT Hillel

Phone: 617-253-2982

MIT Hillel
Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal
Center for Jewish Life

40 Massachusetts Ave, Building W11
Cambridge, MA 02139

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