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Just like your computer sometimes needs a hard reboot, so do you! Take some time to reflect on the past year as we think about and discuss how we can use our failures as a way to better understand who we are and thus reach our full potential as people. By doing Teshuvah (return/repentence/taking responsibility), we can learn to help our inherent character develop, returning to our truest self and expressing it to the world.

After the discussion we will head to the Charles to toss some breadcrumbs in the traditional ceremony of Tashlich. Apples and Honey will be served.​

Monday, September 10, 5pm in W11 Hillel Center


MIT Hillel

Phone: 617-253-2982

MIT Hillel
Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal
Center for Jewish Life

40 Massachusetts Ave, Building W11
Cambridge, MA 02139

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